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      1. Bag - Athena Style - Antique Dark Brown Brown Leather Laced Shoulder Bag (Viking Dragons Design with Hand Tooled Borders)

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: 5406
        Product viewed: 24006

        Athena Bag - Elegantly finished dark brown leather shoulder bag with Viking Dragons design.
        If you don't fancy the Viking Dragons I offer a range of interesting tooling options. Check out the Sample Designs in my Leatherworking section
        The body of the bag measures approximately 10"wide x 10" high with a 4" gusset and is made from high quality top grain leather with a 1" wide adjustable length shoulder strap. The bag is fastened with a swing hook clasp
        This is a large and extremely hardwearing bag that will genuinely last a lifetime. I made my Mum one of these back in the 1970s and she is still using it today!
        Please note: the bag you receive will be very similar to the one in the illustration but all my bags are slightly different. The colour can vary slightly because leather is a natural material. The tooling may also vary slightly because I try hard to make each bag unique.

        Width: 11” widest point 

        Height of front panel: 10” (with 1” dipped cut out on inside for access) 

        Gusset: 4.25” wide (tapering each end to 3.5”)

        Remember that the gusset overlaps the front and back panels.

        This is what my customers have to say:
        We received the bag today, and all I can say is "TOTALLY AWESOME"!!!!!
        The bag arrived this morning and I'm so pleased with it. Great quality and you've done a beautiful job, it's exactly what I wanted.
        Just a line to confirm that the order has been received and to thank you very much for the excellent service.
        Fantastic quality, excellent service and delivery.  All that is great about British craftsmanship.
        I received it this morning - and it's perfect! Can't thank you enough! And I can't believe how quickly you turned that around for me! Excellent!

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