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      1. Terms & Conditions

        Please read this carefully:

        • All special orders must be paid for before work begins.
        • Personalised items cannot be returned for refund.
        • Before returning goods please contact us so we can expect to receive the package and we know where returned goods have come from. You will be given a returns number to include with the returned goods.
        • No returns number means no refund or replacement. No exceptions!
        • If an order is sent wrongly then Barefoot Leather will pay all shipping costs to resolve the problem.
        • If goods are faulty then Barefoot Leather will pay all shipping costs to resolve the problem.
        • If goods are returned for any other reason (wrong size, colour, etc selected by customer) then all shipping (including return) costs must be borne by the customer.
        • Returns are only accepted for credit on account.
        • No returns without a valid invoice or PayPal receipt.
        • No returns after 30 days.
        • No returns or refunds on special ordered items.
        • No returns or refunds on personalised or custom size items.
        • All returns are subject to a discretionary 10% restocking fee. 
        • Cheques are no longer an acceptable form of payment.
        • The £2 nominal charge for shipping is non-refundable unless goods are returned because of faulty workmanship.

        Estimates are an approximation of charges to you, and they are based on the anticipated details of the work to be done. It is possible for unexpected complications to cause some deviation from the estimate. If additional material or labour is required you will be contacted immediately. 

        Works that may infringe a copyright are produced at the discretion of the artisan. It is the customer's responsibility to determine if rights are reserved on such material and permission to use them must be requested from the copyright owner. It is the customer's responsibility to secure appropriate documentation if there is the possibility of conflict with ethics or law.

        Any defects in materials or workmanship will be repaired free of charge upon notification. We reserve the right to decline repairs without charge on items we deem neglected, abused or used improperly.

        Since leather is a natural product, some cosmetic blemishes or fluctuations in colour are expected. Every effort has been made to ensure that your item meets our rigid quality standards, however, if there is a problem, please let us know immediately so that we can make arrangements to correct it to your satisfaction.

        In the unlikely event that your item should fail unexpectedly, we assume no responsibility or liability other than the replacement of the item.