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      1. Guitar Strap - 2" 'Phoenix' Style Custom Leather Guitar Strap (Plain Natural Oil-Finished Leather) Can be personalised

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: Phoenix 2 Plain Natural
        Product viewed: 17581

        Available Options

        * Personalisation:
        This strap can be personalised - please select if you would like the strap personalised or not.
        * Text:
        This strap can be customised. Just type the text you require into the box. Up to 10 letters - no numbers or symbols.

        This is a very straightforward two inch wide guitar strap made from 52inches (132cms) of supple 3mm (approx) thick leather. It has three button slots spaced at approximately 44" 46" & 48" at the tail end and a single button slot at the head. It has been topstitched (stitched around the edge) in natural coloured heavy harness thread to minimise stretching. 
        If you would like your new strap personalised with your name or the name of your band then simply select the customisation option you want and type the text you require into the box provided.
        Please note: Not all straps can be personalised, but this one can. Up to 10 letters only - no numbers or symbols!
        I have made and sold literally hundreds of these straps over the years and know they give excellent service.
        These lovely straps are a favourite with acoustic guitarists as they are lightweight, supple and very strong. The natural oiled leather Phoenix is the slightly classier workhorse of my range. The natural oiled leather look is very popular with Country & Western musicians and will definitely add a noticeable amount of Yeehaaa to your music. You can even decorate it with your own conchos if it makes you happy... 'Dyed in the wool' Folkies tend to like this guitar strap too as it offers style and longevity at a sensible price leaving plenty over to spend at the bar...
        Care of this strap is simple: just ignore the wine and beer stains and give it a gentle wipe with neatsfoot oil to keep it supple and feeling good for years. Not exactly hard work and the more you use it the better it will look.
        What my customers say about my guitar straps:

        My new oil finished strap is so supple. I have had it three weeks and it is already developing a distinct patina all its own. Nice job, Ray.

        When it arrived the surface of the strap was very slightly oily but I put it in a warm place like you suggested and within a few hours it became dry and smooth. It is a total pleasure to wear and you were right, it is getting better every day. I love it!

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