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      1. Guitar Strap - 2" 'Phoenix' Style Custom Leather Guitar Strap (Plain Dark Brown) Can be personalised

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: Phoenix 2 Plain Dark Brown
        Product viewed: 25108

        Available Options

        * Personalisation:
        This strap can be personalised - please select if you would like the strap personalised or not.
        * Text:
        I can add custom text to this guitar strap. The letters are 1" high and will be tooled down the length of the strap at the headstock end. Customisation up to 10 letters. Initials are good!

        Traditional good looks and longevity like you wouldn't believe, my supple brown guitar straps are a real pleasure to use. They are actually comfortable right from the start and get even better the more you use (and abuse) them. I have been making them for almost 40 years and can think of several amazing guitarists who kicked off their careers with Barefoot leather hanging round their necks. No names folks, 'cos that would be bragging but... 
        Back to business: This is a two inch wide guitar strap made from 52inches (132cms) of supple 3mm (approx) thick leather. It has three button slots spaced at approximately 44" 46" & 48" at the tail end and a single button slot at the head. It has been topstitched (stitched around the edge) in natural coloured heavy harness thread to minimise stretching. 
        If you would like your new strap personalised with your initials, name or the name of your band then select the customisation option and simply type the text you require it into the box provided.
        Please note: Not all straps can be personalised, but this one can. Up to 10 letters - no numbers or symbols!
        I have made and sold literally hundreds of these straps over the years and know they give excellent service.
        These straps are a favourite with acoustic guitarists as they are lightweight, supple and very strong. The brown Phoenix is the workhorse of my range and much loved by buskers, bass players and session musicians. It isn't flashy or covered in bling but it doesn't matter what you do to it or how hard you work it; this guitar strap will always look great. Stuff it in a bag or jam it down the side of a hard case and it will come out ready for work. You can't ask for more than that!
        What my customers say about my guitar straps:

        "A very nice product and a sensible price for a handmade strap". Sarah J

        "Like you said, Ray, it isn't flashy but I should think it will last for ever!"

        "A very versatile strap. The larger strap lock holes you put in mean I can switch it between guitars easily. SJP




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