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      1. Strap - BL34C - 10" x 3/4" Black

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: BL34C
        Product viewed: 15472

        Strap - Black Leather - 10" x 3/4" for camera and telescope tripods, classic cars, motorcycles and baskets.
        Useful black leather straps for all occasions!
        Ten inch straps are my best seller. I have no idea why. Okay, the price is good, solid brass buckles are gorgeous and the leather quality is exceptional but why ten inches? Are most strapable things that size? I will probably never know - and neither will you!
        Great for bikes, bags, baskets and a host of other purposes. What could YOU do with them?
        Please don't mistake my straps for inferior imported products. These straps are hand-made in England using traditional techniques, solid brass roller buckles and high quality leather.



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