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      1. Strap - BL34E - 14" x 3/4" Black

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: BL34E
        Product viewed: 15524

        Strap - Black Leather - 14" x 3/4" for camera and telescope tripods, classic cars, motorcycles and baskets.
        Useful black leather straps for all occasions!
        Make no mistake, these replacement straps are good and strong. Solid brass buckles and supple black leather. Just what you need for roller skates, prams, bicycles and even cat baskets. They are splendid for strapping the legs of a tripod together so they don't rap your shins or squash your fingers in transport. 
        Please don't mistake my straps for inferior imported products. These straps are hand-made in England using traditional techniques, solid brass roller buckles and high quality leather.

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