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      1. Strap - BLcatC - 10" x 1/2" (black)

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: BLcatC
        Product viewed: 15183

        All-purpose 10" replacement strap, top quality 2mm thick English leather carefully cut and finished by hand in my Leominster workshop

        Lets be honest, my straps aren't hugely clever and they don't have millions of pixies or terabytes but they are very nice looking, made from jolly good stuff and will keep your cat safe - or your sandwiches strapped up nice and secure. 

        All straps are fitted with a solid brass buckle  - I always use  substantial, good quality traditional style buckles. 

        All straps are 1/2" wide and securely riveted.

        Leatherworking is a funny business - I buy leather by the square foot, but its thickness is measured in centimetres...

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