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      1. Oiled Leather Mug or Tankard Belt Strap - Narrow

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: Narrow tankard strap
        Product viewed: 3498

        Leather Mug or Tankard Strap - narrow, strong, secure and completely 'hands free' :-)

        This uncomplicated 1" wide x 7" long tankard strap is the perfect accessory for any re-enactor, LARPer or festival goer. It slides onto your belt, you then loop the strap through the handle of your mug or tankard and it has a neat hand-sewn button that allows you to fasten the strap securely to hold the vessel in place. Nothing could be easier! 

        I originally designed this to hold pottery mugs but having seen one with a massive 2 pint pewter tankard hanging perfectly comfortably, I'm forced to say I may have overengineered it slightly. I'm confident it won't break!

        Just so you know, a discreet tankard strap is something of a re-enactment essential. This style fits very well with all periods from Viking to 19th C.

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