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      1. Oiled Leather Mug or Tankard Belt Strap - Wide

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: Wide tankard strap
        Product viewed: 3903

        Leather Mug or Tankard Strap - wide, shapely, strong, secure and utterly reliable :-)

        This rather sexy tankard strap is just right for the discerning re-enactor, LARPer or festival goer. The strap measures 1.5" wide x 7" long and is fitted with a permanent loop that slides onto your belt, you can then loop the free end of the strap through the handle of your mug or tankard and it comes with a chunky hand-sewn button that allows you to fasten the strap securely to hold your tankard in place. 

        Design and construction are first rate. The leather is carefully chosen oiled cow hide that resists moisture and always looks amazing whilst the metal button is handstitched to the strap with waxed linen thread.. 

        This is a good strong bit of kit that is designed to last for years. It has a 'medieval style' shape and offers a wide strap to support heavy mugs and tankards.


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