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      1. Whippet or Small Lurcher Collar and Matching Lead in Saddle Tan Leather with Celtic Design

        Availability: In Stock
        Brand: Barefoot Leather
        Product Code: 3005
        Product viewed: 11082

        An easy way to buy a beautiful topstitched saddle tan leather collar and matching 36" hand-made leather lead for your whippet or small lurcher. Perfect for the show ring or race track but just as much 'at home' on the hills. This set will last for years.

        Whippet size: to fit 11" to 14" neck (approx)
        This set is made by hand from superior quality top-grain, natural hide in my Bromyard, Herefordshire, workshop. The leather is hand finished to make it incredibly supple and smells absolutely gorgeous!
        The  set is top-stitched with tough white thread for extra strength and to prevent the leather stretching in use; but plain leather sets (no topstitching) can be made on request. Just drop an email to ray@barefootleather.co.uk and tell me what you would like.
        Please don't confuse my hand-made leather goods with the cheap mass produced items available in most pet shops. My collars and leads are made from good, thick, top grain leather that will last for years. 
        Please note: All collar and lead sets are made with solid polished brass fittings

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