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      1. Book - All About Hatley - by R.V. Hatley

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        Product viewed: 2024

        All About Hatley - by R.V. Hatley

        From the foreword:

        For many years the only people I knew who bore the name Hatley were those members of my immediate family. Following several years research tracing my own pedigree I had gathered a large amount of informationon people with the same surname, and as there appeared to be no published work on the name Hatley I decided to assemble the accumulated information in the form of a book. 

        Unfortunately much of the data came as a series of facts and lists of names, places and events do not lend themselves to interesting reading. I have therefore attempted, wherever possible, to create a story of the people and their lives.

        One of the largest chapters is one entitled 'Appendixes' which is devoted to all those odd items of interest which do not fall into any particular category and were gathered from many different sources. 

        Originally this book was intended to cover just the Hatleys living in Britain, but after much help from overseas it has been possible to include some of the Hatleys who left England to live abroad. Although it is obvious that not all Hatleys are related, the term 'Hatley Family' has been used to loosely describe all those bearing this name.

        Ron Hatley

        Hatley family research dating from AD 1199 - When the medieval village of Hatelai was entered into the Domesday book.

        (191 pages)




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