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      1. Saddle Soap, Leather Cream, Conditioners and Waterproofing

        Saddle Soap, Leather Cream, Conditioners and Waterproofing

        Cleaning and conditioning leather really isn't difficult if you use the right products

        Saddle Soap is good for cleaning 'full grain' leathers - not suede or nubuck. Tip: Use a sponge and luke warm (not hot) water and gently remove mud and grime.

        Neatsfoot Oil is an amazing natural waterproofing treatment for leather that gets wet regularly - saddlery leather or motor cycle boots may be good examples. Tip: Apply lightly with a rag or sponge and leave to soak into the leather. Do not use Neatsfoot Oil on suede. No!

        Skidmore's Leather Waterproofing Cream is used on leather clothing and boots to seal seams and leave a coat of beeswax sealer over the surface. Tip: Apply liberally with a cloth and then gently warm the item (I use a hairdryer) to melt the wax into the leather. Amazing stuff that really works!

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        Mink Oil - 100ml tin - Leather Food
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        Neatsfoot Oil - 150ml bottle of pure neatsfoot oil
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